Travel: Wisconsin to San Francisco, on the road again, Part 3

Greetings to all!  We are currently in Laramie, Wyoming on our way today to Salt Lake City.

Yesterday was a tedious and long day of travel, leaving Kearney, Nebraska at sun rise.  By mid morning we encountered a huge thunderstorm accompanied by some strong winds as we approached Wyoming.

Approaching the storm!

Plus, we encountered dozens of miles of road construction.  For countless miles we traveled with westbound freeway completely demolished.  We drove on one lane going west while one lane traveled east.  Countless semi trucks crowding the already narrow lanes.

We finally arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming’s capital.  Oh my!  It is surrounded by massive industrial factories of all sorts.  The capital city itself, dreary and worn down by countless brutal winters.  The only picture of the capital is shielded by landscaping because the entire structure has been gutted for reconstruction.

Wyoming’s capital dome.
Wyoming’s Old Governor’s Mansion.

We eagerly made our way to Laramie, Wyoming.  It is 7171 feet above sea level with the appearance of the high desert.  It has a charming Old West style downtown.

The University is the highlight of the city boasting a new stadium, new auditorium and a little gem of an art museum that is housed in what looks like a small space ship.  Who knew?!

U of W new Sports Arena.
Wyoming Museum of Art

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  1. Wonderful to “be with you” and so pleasant from my desk! Thank you ever so much for the travelogue.

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