Movies: RBG, The Guardians, Upgrade


This is an extraordinary documentary about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, age 84, now a multi generational icon.  Her biography is inspirational and exceptional.

While her critics use words like “blinders” and “prosaic”, few can deny her impact on women’s rights over the course of her career.

Her life story, her tenure on the bench and family experience are inspiring and uplifting.

Audiences loved this film and critics are all over the board.  It is rated PG for thematic elements and language.  The genre is Documentary with a run time of 96 minutes.


The Guardians

This film is set in World War I France where the women of the Paridier farm are lead by the family matriarch, played by Nathalie Baye and the other women must fend for them selves when the men are sent to the war.

The cast is completely believable.  Iris Bry is perfect as Francine, a teenage orphan hired to help.  Laura Smet is the younger daughter Solange.  Cyril Descours is the son Georges.

The scenery is bucolic, set in the lush countryside far from the war.  But the overarching message is how the strength and commitment to the farm played a large part in the survival of the rural farms.  The timeline spans several years.

It is rated R for some violence and sexuality.  The genre is listed as Drama.  The run time is 134 minutes.  Note: it is in limited theater distribution.  It should be available on Disc/Streaming Aug. 28, 2018.  French with English subtitles.



This story is an intriguing concept.  It is intense, violent, inventive and quite graphic.  It is set in the near future where society is less civilized and intelligent technology is both dangerous and out of control.

It has an impressive cast.  Logan Marshall-Green plays the lead character Grey Trace and Melanie Vallejo plays his wife Asha Trace.  Harrison Gilbertson is the mad scientist Eron and Betty Gabriel is the local law enforcement officer.  Benedict Hardie plays an excellent bad guy and the voice of Simon Maiden is the voice of the implant character Stem.

It is rated R for strong violence, grisly images and language.  We strongly do not suggest viewing by any youngsters!  It is listed as Action/Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction & Fantasy.  It is from the creators of Get Out  and the Purge.  It runs 1 hour, 35 minutes.


Special Note:  Upgrade was movie 100 for the year to date.

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  1. I am surprised that you hae the desire to see so many movies, many of which are borderline tolerable, but also that you have access to so many movie houses showing these films.

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