Movies: The Biggest Little Farm, The Tomorrow Man, The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Biggest Little Farm

Every once in a while a film comes along and reminds us how basic some topics can be. In this case, it’s a straight forward explanation on how we get our food. It’s also the layers above and below the ground that make it all possible. It’s the air and the creatures whose daily life cycles determine what grows and what doesn’t.

This film should be required viewing for all of us in cities and rural areas alike. This story is told in simple terms and reveals amazing realities. It’s suitable for all ages including children. Don’t miss it!


The Tomorrow Man

This film features the star power that seasoned accomplished actors can bring to the screen. It’s also a reminder how life moves us forward, sometimes with a nudge and sometimes with a forceful shove.

It’s a story of how people from completely different lives stumble upon common threads that suddenly bind themselves together.

By contrast, we will tell you the last scene was not welcomed and not needed but clearly reflects the novice Director’s judgement and limited skills.


The Last Black Man in San Francisco

This film is both complicated and confusing. It speaks to a fifth generation black man and his closest friend and their quest to both protect and secure a classic Victorian home as squatters.

The relationships between immediate friends and family is both revealing and confounding. It also is a commentary on our fair city, and the Bay Area for that matter. The stratification on most every topic was best explained as “You can’t hate something if you didn’t love it first.”


One thought on “Movies: The Biggest Little Farm, The Tomorrow Man, The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

  1. We saw Biggest Little Farm and agree totally with your review – 4 stars and a must for all to see- fantastic photography, and finally a feel good movie although there is a message there. Makes us wonder what is happening in all the mega forms and the impact on the environment. Thanks for all your reviews.

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