Movies: Good Boys, Ready or Not, After the Wedding

Movie 1: Good Boys

Why would you make a movie about 12 year old kids that is rated R?! The Parent Guide notes “strong crude sexual content, drug and alcohol material, profanity, pornography and language throughout.”

The child actors in this production are too young to see their own performances for heaven sakes! While some of the story is mildly funny, borderline charming, most of it is crude, rude and frankly unacceptable.


Movie 2: Ready or Not

This Horror, Mystery, Thriller doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a bit more eccentric, occasionally intriguing, and a tad funny now and then.

It’s also a lot sassy, often down right snarky. One critic rightfully said “it isn’t a great horror film but it sure was a fun thrill ride.” The ending is a hoot and not to be missed.


Movie 3: After the Wedding

This film with the same title was originally a 2006 Danish drama. This rendition flips the characters around a bit with the women characters doing the heavy lifting.

Good acting makes for a good movie along with plenty of intrigue and more than a few twists and turns. There will be lots to talk about when this films ends. See it with friends and/or family and let us know what you think.


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