Movies: Raising Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins, Hustlers, Monos

Movie 1: Raising Hell: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins

This is a documentary film about Molly Ivins. She was a national political columnist from Texas and described herself as a Liberal.

She was funny, mean, clever and sincere, often all at the same time. She was enormously popular nation wide. It’s timely given the tumultuous state of current affairs. It’s in very limited release. If possible, don’t miss it.


Movie 2: Hustlers

This film, based on true events, has managed to attract large audiences, especially young adults. It’s about a group of young strippers in 2007 at a Manhattan strip club catering to Wall Street clientele.

While the story was executed well, it wasn’t long before the topic became tedious. The film relies heavily on the “underdog” factor but there is no apology for the collusion and damage caused. Jennifer Lopez delivers a standout performance.


Movie 3: Monos

Set on a remote mountain in Columbia, South America, this is a bizarre story about eight teenage guerrilla fighters, a cow and an American woman hostage. The group embraces cult rituals and takes instruction by radio.

It’s enormously confusing and quite violent. While the story is occasionally stunning visually, the violence and extreme hazing plunge this film into a bizarre abyss. Spanish with English subtitles and in very limited release.


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