Movies: A Faithful Man, Before You Know It, Downton Abbey

Movie 1: A Faithful Man

This French film by Actor/Director Louis Garrel checks most boxes for French films released in the US. Good acting, an interesting screenplay and a “peculiar thicket love quadrangle”. It’s a bit “too much information” as the film softly comes to an end. French with English subtitles.


Movie 2: Before You Know It

Reviews like “charming and quirky” don’t quite describe this drama/comedy. Set in New York City, a compact family who operate a small theater, discover their “thought dead” mother is alive and acting as a soap opera star. It’s wacky but watchable. Judith Light is a hoot.


Movie 3: Downton Abbey

The long awaited release of Downton Abbey follows the television series by the same name. It’s set in 1927 in the Yorkshire countryside.

It’s a complex story to describe. Imagine the dynamic of the traditional monarchy, the King, Queen and their court on a tour of the country that instantly spawns conflicts of class, authority, influence, integrity, and arrogance. That said, it does not disappoint! High points: set decoration, cinematography and costume design.


One thought on “Movies: A Faithful Man, Before You Know It, Downton Abbey”

  1. Just came home from Downton Abbey and I agree whole-heartedly with your 4-globe rating.

    I enjoyed every minute. The costumes were breathtaking. In two hours, I couldn’t find a single thing on any of the sets that wasn’t contemporary with 1927. The cars! The room furnishings. Every thing was perfect.

    I hope that they do a sequel.

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