Movies: Licorice Pizza, Drive My Car, Death to 2021

Movie 1: Licorice Pizza

This Drama/Comedy is set in 1970s where Alana and Gary grow up in the San Fernando Valley of California. It was in the era of pinball machines, waterbeds and gas shortages. It has a great sound track and bit parts by folks like Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, and Alana Haim. If you are in the mood for a flash back, don’t miss this two hour film. Rated R.


Movie 2: Drive My Car

This film is a 2021 release of a Japanese drama based on a short story by the same name. It’s a unique but simple story about the loss of a wife, followed by a need for a new chauffeur. It’s a fascinating story about love lost and moving on with life. It’s one minute short of three hours. Well worth it! Could very well win the Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Japanese with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Death to 2021

What a fitting way to end the year!! In the mood for a dark ‘mockumentary’?? Here’s a comedic reflection with talking heads and comedic retrospectives. It’s on Netflix and has an all star cast including Hugh Grant, Lucy Lui and Tracy Ullman! All in one hour!!



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