Dragged Across Concrete, The Night Agent, I See You

Movie 1: Dragged Across Concrete

We aren’t fans of Mel Gibson or Vince Vaughn, so we weren’t expecting much from this Netflix movie. We were surprised that it was really well done and entertaining. It is a crime thriller about two suspended, racist cops who go rogue. We still aren’t fans of either guy, but the movie is worth a watch.


Movie 2: The Night Agent

This is a very entertaining Netflix 10-part series about a low level FBI agent who works a night desk in the White House basement. He discovers a conspiracy within the Oval Office. Hong Chau, as the President’s chief of staff, is excellent.


Movie 3: I See You

This is a 2019 horror/thriller that is really quite good and intelligent. Kidnappings, disappearances and murder all in one small town. The movie does a good job of wrapping things up and not leaving any loose ends. And it is always good to see Helen Hunt. On Netflix. Special Note: Our movie blog will be on a short hiatus. March 29 we are off to Bilbao, Spain. And then onwards east, west and north from there. We will be in Switzerland with friends for Jim’s 70th birthday. Home May 8.


4 thoughts on “Dragged Across Concrete, The Night Agent, I See You”

  1. Thanks. I don’t see films with rabid anti-semites like Mel Gibson.

    The rest look good.

    Enjoy your travels and don’t forget the pictures!

  2. Gentlemen,
    Have a wonderful trip!
    We have been in Portugal and Spain for three months. We’ll be flying tomorrow. Bob is in a state of deep depression about facing the snow. Everything here is blooming—at least two months ahead of us. Hard to leave!
    Denise & Bob

  3. Have a wonderful trip. We enjoy your movie reviews. We are heading to Italy in the fall/winter otherwise traveling stateside this year. Happy trails

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