Mother’s Day, Captain America: Civil War, Before I Wake, Miracles From Heaven

Mother’s Day


Humm…Jennifer Aniston plays mother of two young boys who is recently divorced, unemployed and demoralized when ex-husband announces his marriage to bombshell new wife. Ex wants visitation of his sons with the new wife. Yup, pretty hard to swallow.

Enter friends Kate Hudson and her sister, next door neighbors and their “secret” spouses. Add bitter parents on perpetual RV road trip that pay a surprise visit and discover the “unique” spouses and chaos prevails.

Oops, I forgot about Julia Roberts as TV Home Shopping diva and long lost daughter with child.

The film is crafted well and relatively well acted. There are some zany moments but don’t expect Oscar material.

Rating: 1Globe

Captain America: Civil War


The Marvel movie machine hits a home run with this latest franchise film.  The Avengers are under global pressure to yield to oversight on their powers to battle evil doers.  This causes a divide in the Avengers ranks.

The divide lead by Captain America (Chris Evans) on one side and Ironman (Robert Downey Jr.) on the other with the rest of the superheroes splitting 50/50.  This leads to some interesting “engagements”.

The result is interesting and thought provoking entertainment.  It is well worth the investment of a couple of hours.  Nonstop action and rated PG-13 for violence.

Rating: 3 globes

Before I Wake


This is a suspenseful supernatural thriller about an 8 year old boy whose dreams become reality.  The boy is adopted by a young couple who are struggling with the recent loss of their child only to discover a series of heart wrenching night terrors that come to life.

It is an odd mixture of sci-fi meets creature feature.  The critics panned this film but we found it unique and just interesting enough to give it a “see it” nod.

Rating: 2 globes

Miracles From Heaven


Based on “the incredible true story”, this movie is about the middle daughter of a Texas family who suffers from a rare but potentially deadly intestinal disorder and the struggle to overcome the illness.

It is a powerful tear jerker and is heavy handed on Christian faith but also balanced with the believable power of strong family support.

Jennifer Garner and Queen Latifah deliver solid performances.  Rated PG.  There are tough scenes of pain and childhood illness.

Rating 2 globes

NOTE:  We love watching movies when we travel.  This week we saw Captain America, Before I Wake and Miracles From Heaven in different theaters in Panama City, Panama.  The last film was in an upscale shopping center (Prada, Chanel, Dior and such).  Arguably the most luxurious theater we have ever visited.  Each seat was an oversized recliner with an adjacent service table, call bell to summon a butler for food, cocktails…

It is alway fun to compare theaters and audiences in other countries.  It was also a welcomed break from the 80+ temps and 90% humidity for a couple of hours.

Watch for our PANAMA post in the next few days!

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