Movies: The Postcard Killings, Human Capital, Waiting for Anya

A Big Hello to all.  It’s day 5 of “Shelter in Place”.  The biggest frustration to date is lack of products in many of the supermarkets/drug stores.  Binge purchases have cleared shelves, especially paper towels, toilet paper, antibacterial hand soap and a variety of ordinary goods.  The best news is several markets have established early morning SENIORS HOURS such as Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Target. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  With ALL movie venues now closed, we decided to use what’s on line.  Our cable provider has pretty extensive movies available from several sources.  The first film below released March 13th (last week) of this year so we are hoping for more of the same until “Shelter in Place” is complete.

Movie 1:  The Postcard Killings


Movie 2: Human Capital


Movie 3: Waiting for Anya

This fascinating film was designed for preteens to explain Jewish atrocities of World War II.  It’s based on real events when 7500 Jewish children were smuggled out of  Southern France and into the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain.  It’s well done but a bit melodramatic.  



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