Movies: Adu, #Anne Frank Parallel Stories, Nobody Knows I’m Here

Movie 1: Adu

This is an excellent Spanish film that weaves three stories into one. One part in a Cameroon elephant reserve. Another is the horrific scene when poachers “harvest” elephant ivory and kill anyone in their way. The third is the bonding between a five year old orphan and a 10 year old orphan who together seek a new life in a Spanish city on the shores of Morocco. Original version in Spanish; we watched the English dubbed version.


Movie 2: #Anne Frank Parallel Stories

This is a fascinating documentary film about Anne Frank as told by five women holocaust survivors and Anne’s father. It’s beautifully narrated by Helen Mirren. It’s a fresh look at a classic WWII story. It is riveting! English, Italian, French and Czech with English subtitles.


Movie 3: Nobody Knows I’m Here

Here’s another unique, albeit painfully confusing story. It’s based on a child star vocalist whose life spirals out of control for years. Most of the story takes place later in life. There is more than enough angst and dysfunction. The story is set in Patagonia. This film had all the right ingredients to be very good. Unfortunately it does not deliver.



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